Through a strong network of companies in Northern Europe DLA Agro has a leading position as a purchaser and supplier of a wide range of quality products for the agricultural industry.

Our vision is to develop our group in order for it to become one of the strongest companies in the agroindustry with a specific focus on vendors. Our mission is to ensure that our members and owners achieve the most optimal value chain by using our collective size.

DLA Agro’s purpose is to provide its members competitive advantages through:

  • A diverse, high quality product portfolio at competitive prices
  • Unique product solutions and a high level of supply security
  • A business setup which supports and develops our members' core business

DLA Agro has about 35 employees and sources products and goods for about 500 million EUR each year within the product areas of raw materials for feed, fertilizers, plant protection, seed, energy products, plastic and twines.

DLA Agro’s head office is located in Galten, Denmark, and is owned by the Danish agribusinesses Danish Agro group and Vestjyllands Andel. DLA Agro was founded in 1975.