The company DAVA Energy A/S, which is part of DLA Agro, is a significant energy purchaser and supplies the members of DLA Agro with Agrodiesel, diesel, fuel oil, lubricating oil, AdBlue, oil based energy products as well as wood pellets and wood briquettes.

Diesel and fuel oil

DAVA Energy has a long-running strategic and strong partnership with the biggest oil company in Denmark, Circle K, through which Danish farmers benefit from the wide product portfolio and knowhow of Circle K. The products are for example miles Agrodiesel, miles Diesel B7, miles Off Road Diesel and heating oil.


DAVA Energy collaborate with the German company Fuchs on lubricating oil. Fuchs is the world’s biggest independent company working with lubricants and are known for their high quality and Agrifarm product portfolio dedicated to agricultural machinery.


The companies in DLA Group are some of the market leaders in delivering AdBlue to agricultural machinery. DAVA Energy supply these and collaborate with Yara, which is the world’s biggest producer of AdBlue and respected for their high quality. The demand for AdBlue is rising rapidly because of the fact that most of the new machines need AdBlue.

Tanks and oil equipment

When it comes to oil equipment – oil tanks, diesel pumps, card readers, lubricating oil equipment, etc. – DAVA Energy collaborate with Cogetil Scandinavia which in Denmark is a nationwide company with skilled and experienced servicemen.

Wood pellets and wood briquettes

When it comes to wood pellets for the Danish consumers and smaller heating plants DAVA Energy has a long-running partnership with five selected suppliers/manufacturers, all known for high quality and a high level of security of supply. Of course, all comply with EUTR – the EU Timber Regulation. DAVA Energy import shipments itself.